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Name: Niishal Kumar

Age: 25

Occupation: Classic Car Restoration & Motorsport Developer

Make: BMW

Model: E36/328i

Year: 1997

Price/Current Value (Optional): Market value is relative, anywhere from RM 10k to RM25k.

Technical Description: 142 kW (190 hp)@ 5300 rpm, 280 nm (210 ft-lb)@ 3950 rpm,  2,793 cc (170 cu in) with Vanos Variable Valve system, ZF 4 speed gearbox with sports mode, stock 3.91 rear open differential, redline 6500 rpm.

Exterior: AC Schnitzer Type 2 17 inch monoblock rims, FRP M3 front bumper and side skirts, rear M3 look diffuser PU material, DTM look rear double deck FRP bootlid spoiler, finished off with stock Boston Green Metallic 275 paint.

Interior: Completely stock standard unmolested interior other than the addition of an ALPINE USB head unit.

Modification/Engine Upgrades: Transplanted to slightly newer 1998 BMW E39 528i engine, drivetrain is stock with the exception of a Sebring back box so the 6-Cylinder growl can be enjoyed, HWL adjustable coilovers.

Maintenance (Cost): Regular maintenance is relatively affordable. The only thing that’s pricey is the roadtax which will set you back around RM1600.

What you love in your car: The heaps of torque, the responsiveness of the engine, the clean look achieved with a simple build/restoration, and of course the ability to slide and do donuts all day even though she’s automatic with an open differential. A good balance of reliability, great exhaust sound, decent power/torque, and sporty handling, also adding gorgeous looks into the mix helps.

Fond memories of your car: Smoking newer and completely unsuspecting cars; some in the straights and some in the corners.

What do you recommend: For anyone new to the hobby and would like to learn drifting in an European car, and also for anyone who would like to own a slight restomod car at decent prices. Go for her!

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