After a long break, we’re back with a newly rebuilt beast!

Introducing ‘Wendeline’ aka ‘Wendy’.


Name: Niishal Kumar

Age: 25

Occupation: Motorsport Developer

Make: Bayerische Motoren Werke (BMW)

Model: 320i coupe, chassis code E30

Year: 1984

Price/Current Value: NA

Technical Description: (For original engine) 2.0 six cylinder, 123 hp, 160 nm/16 kg torque, compression ratio 9.8:1, redline 6400 rpm, getrag 240 5-speed manual transmission, Bosch L-jetronic mechanical fuel injection system, stock differential ratio is 3.91.

Exterior Description (Upgrades): Varta front valance, zender side skirts, zender rear valance, M3 rear wing with adjustable aerodynamic flap, metallic white paint, BBS RS slant lip replica wheels, custom exhaust tip DTM style, body/chassis strengthening and restoration.

Interior Description (Upgrades): Fully stripped interior, brand new dashboard replacement, Nardi Torino steering wheel, aluminium handbrake lever, gearknob and pedals matching set, arospeed switch panel with battery kill switch and push start. Sscus full bucket driver’s seat, sscus semi bucket passengers seat. Takata 4-point harness.

Modification/Engine Upgrades: Engine swap to M20B25 (BMW e34 2.5L), fully rebuilt gearbox with custom front shaft bearing, Sachs performance clutch set, rear disc brake conversion, upgraded fuel injectors, custom boring for throttle body and intake manifold, Schrik mild cam, LSD upgrade with 3.73 ratio, upgraded to full stainless steel exhaust system, custom made aluminium radiator, double servo upgrade for stronger braking, BC Racing coilover fully adjustable suspension system upgrade.

Maintenance (Cost, etc): Generally this engine is bullet proof and just requires you to check for leaks, keep an eye on service due dates etc. Servicing is relatively cheap, roughly rm150-200 for oil changes depending on the oil being used.

What you love in your car: The lightweight feel of the body, the silky idle and raspy roar of the 6 cylinder engine. Yes, I stripped the interior by choice; my goal is to have this car as light and nimble as possible. From the time I was 5 years old, this was my dream car. It may not be the fastest or most attractive car to others, but she certainly puts a smile on my face and that’s exactly why I built her this way. For a pure driving Nirvana.

Fond memories of your car: My first road trip the car; I was heading towards Penang Island, one of my favourite touge routes, I managed to keep up with an old Porsche 911 and a Lotus Elise. My fondest memory is seeing that shocked look on their faces.

What do you recommend: Anyone who wants to get a collectors or even a good platform for a tuner/track day car, this is a wonderful choice.




The Envious Valentina

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Featuring ‘The Envious Valentina’.

Name: Niishal Kumar

Age: 25

Occupation: Classic Car Restoration & Motorsport Developer

Make: BMW

Model: E36/328i

Year: 1997

Price/Current Value (Optional): Market value is relative, anywhere from RM 10k to RM25k.

Technical Description: 142 kW (190 hp)@ 5300 rpm, 280 nm (210 ft-lb)@ 3950 rpm,  2,793 cc (170 cu in) with Vanos Variable Valve system, ZF 4 speed gearbox with sports mode, stock 3.91 rear open differential, redline 6500 rpm.

Exterior: AC Schnitzer Type 2 17 inch monoblock rims, FRP M3 front bumper and side skirts, rear M3 look diffuser PU material, DTM look rear double deck FRP bootlid spoiler, finished off with stock Boston Green Metallic 275 paint.

Interior: Completely stock standard unmolested interior other than the addition of an ALPINE USB head unit.

Modification/Engine Upgrades: Transplanted to slightly newer 1998 BMW E39 528i engine, drivetrain is stock with the exception of a Sebring back box so the 6-Cylinder growl can be enjoyed, HWL adjustable coilovers.

Maintenance (Cost): Regular maintenance is relatively affordable. The only thing that’s pricey is the roadtax which will set you back around RM1600.

What you love in your car: The heaps of torque, the responsiveness of the engine, the clean look achieved with a simple build/restoration, and of course the ability to slide and do donuts all day even though she’s automatic with an open differential. A good balance of reliability, great exhaust sound, decent power/torque, and sporty handling, also adding gorgeous looks into the mix helps.

Fond memories of your car: Smoking newer and completely unsuspecting cars; some in the straights and some in the corners.

What do you recommend: For anyone new to the hobby and would like to learn drifting in an European car, and also for anyone who would like to own a slight restomod car at decent prices. Go for her!

The Roaring Godzilla

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Featuring ‘The Roaring Godzilla’.

Name: Arvind Darshaan

Age: 31

Occupation: Programmer

Make: BMW

Model: E28/525i

Year: 1983

Price/Current Value: Not sure

Technical Description: Guess the bhp yourselves!

Exterior: Full custom bodykit (one of a kind), pearlescent paint, 18″ HRE wheels and Mtech spoiler.

Interior: Mtech Steering wheel, Mtech seats, Omori vacuum/water temp gauge and HKS boost gauge.

Modification/Upgrades: Full swap RB25DET (Skyline R33), TD04 single turbine, custom stainless steel radiator/Oil catch tank/Intercooler, Skyline brakes front and back, Full lock LSD differential, Ogura triple plate racing clutch, MoTeC ECU, Bilstein adjustables HiLo/SoftHard, Samco silicon hoses, Full Sony Xplod In Car Entertainment (1 component set, 1 head unit, 6×9 3way speakers, 2×12″ Xplod subwoofers).

Maintenance (Cost): Lost track of build cost.

What you love in your car: The classic look and the beastly roar of Godzilla.

Fond memories of your car: Late night cruising and instant power when pedal to the metal.

The Pride Ride

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Featuring ‘The Pride Ride’.

Name: Nishant

Age: 31

Occupation: Engineer

Make: Volkswagen

Model: Golf GTI MKII

Year: 1987

Price/Current Value: Priceless!

Technical Description: 1800 cc, 8v engine.

Exterior: Boxy shape with lowered suspension.

Interior: Original dash cluster and factory spec tartan seats.

Upgrades: None.

Maintenance: RM500 monthly with fuel.

What you love in your car: Beautiful driving experience with amazing roads.

Fond memories of your car: Too many to list.

The Pocket Rocket

The first appearance on CARRATZ.

Featuring ‘The Pocket Rocket’.

Name: Sreether

Age:  51

Occupation: Lawyer

Make: Volkswagen

Model: Golf GTI

Year: 1985

Price/Value: Unknown

Exterior: Stock with original Atlas Grey colour except 5-lugs BBS rims, tinted rear lamps and darkened crosshair front lamps.

Interior: Votex centre console and Recaro seats from a ’96 MKIII Glf GTI.

Upgrades:  She’s a classic hothatch upgraded with all the mechanicals from the MKIII Golf GTI 16v with 150bhp engine, cable operated gearbox, 288mm brakes, and wider track axles.

Modifications:  K&N open port and fully adjustable Titan custom coilovers.

Note from the owner:  An appreciating classic with bullet proof mechanicals, handles like its on rails, compact and practical, and slingshot acceleration stimulating engine.  This beauty has earned herself the nickname “The Pocket Rocket” in the UK.