Lil Sharky

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Name: S. Nagesvaran

Age: 28

Occupation: Doctor

Make: BMW

Model: F30/320i

Year: 2015

Price/Current Value: 190k

Technical Description: 1997 cc, 184 bhp, max speed 235km/h, acceleration 0 – 100km/h in 7.3 sec, 270 nm torque, TwinPower turbo, Inline Four cylinders, rear wheel drive, 8 speed automatic gearbox, fuel consumption 6.3L/100km, Bridgestone 225/50 R17 Run-flat tyres.

Exterior: Sports edition (standard).

Interior: Sports trim finish (standard).

Modification/Engine Upgrades: None to prevent void of warranty.

Maintenance (Cost): 5 years free warranty. 5 years free service. Juice it up and burn ’em tyres…

What you love in your car: Breath taking performance and excellent grip on the roadway. Proper weight balance and sheer driving pleasure.

Fond memories of your car: Years and years of planning and saving up for this beast was an ambitious experience along with the feel of achievement after owning this ultimate driving machine. Cruises like a wind and storms like a hurricane. Love of my life since I was a boy. I celebrated Lil Sharky’s first year birthday with a special cake. More to come over the years.

What do you recommend: She’s an executive family sedan and she’s perfect for a family of four. Here’s a small piece of advice for the upcoming youngsters out there. Buy a car of your dreams as a reward for a lifetime achievement. It will really be a milestone accomplishment.